Opening Keynote: How Do You Change What You Are Doing To Succeed In Today's New Climate? 

Chris Cummins, Cummins Media

As CEO’s and Business Owners, Staffing Specialists and Professional Placement Specialists, industry members all agree that today the pendulum has swung about as far as it can in favour of the candidate.  25-year veterans will tell you they’ve never seen anything like this. What was once an Order Driven Market, is as we know now a Candidate Driven Market.

Talent shortage, incredible wage inflation, counter or competitive offers, interview no-shows, unprecedented ghosting combine to make the candidate sell more important than ever. On top of this, today’s candidate thinks there are no consequences for them for not showing up – a recipe for frustrated clients and lost revenue for you.  

How do we create mutually successful relationships to address these new realities?

Join author, consultant, 6-time TEDx speaker and former executive search specialist Chris Cummins, for this timely & impactful opening keynote address on how to move your business along to the “yes side” of the pendulum as we kick off ACSESS 2022Virtual Conference.